The 10 Most Important Things ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Has Taught Us About The World We Live In

By 08.28.13


As much as I love the depravity, the ridiculous situations, and the continual ruin of anyone who regularly crosses paths with The Gang, what I have and always will enjoy most about It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are the random one-off jokes in which one or all of the group is completely clueless as to how the world works. That probably has something to do with Charlie’s almost complete illiteracy being my favorite running gag n the show (“You think a pirate lives in there?”).

With that in mind and us officially reaching our one week countdown to an all new season of Sunny on FXX, here are ten of the most important things the gang has taught us over the years about science, business, and the world we live in in general. For instance, I’ve been working on the internet for years and until Frank Reynolds opened my eyes to downloadable hoagies I was had no idea. Years ahead of 3D printing, that guy.


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