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‘Top Chef’: Padma in a Bikini

By 03.17.11

“Top Chef All Stars” took the final four contestants to the Bahamas for last night’s episode (S8E14, “Island Fever”), and Padma Lakshmi did the world a favor by showing up in a bikini to explain the cooking challenge, which could have been anything because I didn’t hear a word she said. I would’ve been screwed if I were one of the chefs. “Wait, what did she say? All I got from that was a craving for fish tacos.”

You know, this is further proof that Bravo is being run by gay dudes. There is absolutely no good reason for Padma — who’s 40 years old and gave birth to a child last year, by the way — to be fully clothed on TV every week. Why hasn’t Bravo made a “No Reservations”-style show where Padma goes to tropical locations for sumptuous meals every week? I would DVR the sh*t out of that. And watch it in slo-mo. Twice.


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