10 Things We Learned From Last Night's Rapturous 'Sons of Anarchy'

By: 11.21.12

4. I Manipulate the Law, I Don’t Write It — I just want to mention here that I think it’s a shame that SAMCRO’s attorney, who is played by Robin Weigert, is given so little face time on the series, coming in every couple of episodes for a meeting. SHE WAS CALAMITY JANE, FOR GOD’S SAKE. Give this woman her own plot line, will you?

5. The Puzzle Pieces Keep Changing Shape, But the Puzzle Nevertheless Is Coming Together — The rest of last night’s plot lines all weaved together, and while everything played out way too conveniently at times, I have to admit that Kurt Sutter did a good job of lining up his ducks. It started with the fall of the RICO case, which prompted Clay to try and make his move, first by trying to recruit Tig as an ally. Then he came clean with Clay about Romeo’s intentions to take Jax down and install Clay, though Clay told Jax that he turned down that role. I think after Jax threw that confession back into his face, Clay kind of resigned himself to the fact that he was all out of moves. He could continue to run around the chess board, but it would be only a matter of time before Jax caught up with him.

6. Nero’s Batsh*t, Completely Nonsensical Backstory — This whole side diversion came out of nowhere, and honestly, didn’t make a damn lick of sense. Let’s try and connect the logic: Nero’s old crew were having trouble fending off other gangs because Nero’s brothel moved away. Why? I don’t know, but they were upset the territory change and demanded guns from the guy who they were supposed to be friends with, and Nero was all, like, “No bro! We’re nonviolent gangsters,” but Jax was like, “It’s cool. Let’s give them some pee shooters to make their dicks hard.” So, Nero was like, whatever, and they set up a meet out in the middle of nowhere, where — for some reason — the Mexicans brought too many people, SAMCRO decided to bail, and the Mexicans inexplicably decided to start shooting AT THE PEOPLE WHO WERE BRINGING THEM GUNS. Jax and a station wagon full of SAMCRO take off, run their crappy car down a mountain, flip the car, celebrate like they just won the goddamn lottery, and drive off.

What the f*ck was that? It was stupid as hell, but I have to admit, it was worth it for Happy’s “Rapturous” line.

Apparently, it was all a nonsensical backstory Sutter slapped together in order to give Nero a reason — after he suspected his old crew abducted Jax (when in fact, it was the Galinda Cartel) — to take revenge on his former crew by killing two before finding out that it was all for naught, and all the bad news he tried to avoid by getting into clean businesses (which, a prostitution ring apparently counts as) had caught up with him. Now, Nero is a gangster again, and he’s probably got the Mexicans on his back. JUST WHAT WE NEED. MORE ENEMIES.

7. I Don’t Want to Be Crushed Under the Weight of Greedy Men Who Believe in Nothing — In order to keep the Galinda Cartel from taking him out, Jax orchestrated a deal to pass off the guns and coke to some other gangs, specifically Henry Lin and the Chinese, the Mayans, and the Niners (and he even got SAMCRO a 10 percent referral fee). Romeo was cool with the plan, as long as it all comes together OK.

I have one tiny problem with the plan, and it is this: WHY DIDN’T JAX DO THAT AT THE END OF LAST SEASON. Remember at the end of last season, when Jax was ready to kill Clay, and he didn’t need silly things like EVIDENCE and PROOF, but he couldn’t do it because the Galinda Cartel needed Clay. Well, why the hell didn’t Jax orchestrate this plan then, and take out Clay before Jax became Mr. BURDEN OF PROOF.

He’s a smug little prick now, that’s for sure.

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