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A Handy Guide To Twitter Stalking Our Favorite People On Our Favorite Shows

By 11.13.12
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Approximately 98% of Twitter is awful. And that’s being gracious. But the 2% that is worthwhile — like @WarmingGlow and @Uproxx — can be equal parts hilarious and informative, especially, for our purposes, as it relates to TV. With that in mind: we went through the IMDb pages for 20 of Warming Glow’s favorite shows, and in this post, linked to the Twitter accounts of the actors/actresses and writers on the series.

If you’re wondering why, for instance, shows like Homeland and Louie aren’t included: we didn’t include series that weren’t well represented on Twitter, and everyone already follows Louis anyways. Also, we tended to only include the “stars” and writers who are still on their particular series, meaning Al Franken isn’t represented in SNL‘s entry.

For certain sitcoms in particular, like Happy Endings and Parks and Recreation, following the accounts of the minds behind the show can provide an insight to where their ideas come from — or maybe you just want to Twitter stalk Eliza Coupe. That’s cool, too. To each floating blue whale carried by a flock of birds his own.

30 Rock


Jack Donaghy — Alec Baldwin

Tracy Jordan — Tracy Morgan

Frank Rossitano — Judah Friedlander

Cerie — Katrina Bowden

James “Toofer” Spurlock — Keith Powell

Dot Com — Kevin Brown

Grizz — Grizz Chapman

Lutz — John Lutz


Jack Burditt (“Live from Studio 6H”)

Kay Cannon (“Hey, Baby, What’s Wrong?”)

Tom Ceraulo (“The Shower Principle”)

Matt Hubbard (“Unwindulax”)

Vali Chandrasekaran (“Murphy Brown Lied to Us”)

Dylan Morgan (“There’s No I in America”)

John Riggi (“Alexis Goodlooking and the Case of the Missing Whiskey”)

Josh Siegal (“The Tuxedo Begins”)

Luke Del Tredici (“Leap Day”)

Ronald Weiner (“TGS Hates Women”)

Tracey Wigfield (“Queen of Jordan”)



Sterling Archer — H. Jon Benjamin

Lana Kane — Aisha Tyler

Cheryl Tunt — Judy Greer

Pam Poovey — Amber Nash


Tesha Kondrat (“El Contador”)

Chris Provenzano (“Skin Game”)

Arrested Development


Michael Bluth — Jason Bateman

Buster Bluth — Tony Hale

George Bluth Sr. — Jeffrey Tambor

Barry Zuckerkorn — Henry Winkler

Bob Loblaw — Scott Baio

Ann Veal — Mae Whitman

Maggie Lizer — Julia Louis-Dreyfus


Richard Day (“For British Eyes Only”)

Karey Dornetto (“Prison Break-In”)

Mitchell Hurwitz (creator)

Sam Laybourne (“The Ocean Walker”)

Courtney Lilly (“Public Relations)

Dean Lorey (“Fakin’ It”)

Ron Weiner (“Notapusy”)

Bob’s Burgers


Louise Belcher — Kristen Schaal

Gene Belcher — Eugene Mirman

Bob Belcher — H. Jon Benjamin

Tina Belcher — Dan Mintz

Linda Belcher — John Roberts


Steven Davis (“Dr. Yap”)

Scott Jacobson (“Burgerboss”)

Lizzie Molyneux (“Bob Fires the Kids”)

Wendy Molyneux (“Art Crawl”)

Kelvin Yu (“Full Bars”)

Breaking Bad


Walter White — Bryan Cranston

Jesse Pinkman — Aaron Paul

Marie Schrader — Betsy Brandt

Walter White, Jr. — RJ Mitte

Saul Goodman — Bob Odenkirk

Gus Fring — Giancarlo Esposito

Badger — Matt L. Jones

Huell — Lavell Crawford

Jane Margolis — Krysten Ritter


Peter Gould (“Hazard Pay”)

Gennifer Hutchison (“Buyout”)

George Mastras (“Dead Freight”)



Jeff Winger — Joel McHale

Britta Perry — Gillian Jacobs

Annie Edison — Alison Brie

Abed Nadir — Danny Pudi

Troy Barnes — Donald Glover

Shirley Bennett — Yvette Nicole Brown

Ben Chang — Ken Jeong

Dean Craig Pelton — Jim Rash

Alex “Star-Burns” Osbourne — Dino Stamatopoulos

Fat Neil — Charley Koontz


Steve Basilone (“Introduction to Finality”)

Andy Bobrow (“Pillows and Blankets”)

Adam Countee (“Curriculum Unavailable”)

Megan Ganz (“Documentary Filmmaking: Redux”)

Dan Harmon (creator)

Chris McKenna (“Remedial Chaos Theory”)

Annie Mebane (“Introduction to Finality”)

Tim Saccardo (“Course Listing Unavailable”)

Game of Thrones


Bran Stark — Isaac Hempstead-Wright

Sansa Stark — Sophie Turner

Arya Stark — Maisie Williams

Hodor — Kristian Nairn

Samwell Tarly — John Bradley

Ser Davos Seaworth — Liam Cunningham

Podrick Payne — Daniel Portman

Brienne of Tarth — Gwendoline Christie

Gendry — Joe Dempsie

Melisandre — Carice van Houten


George R.R. Martin (creator)

Happy Endings


Jane Kerkovich — Eliza Coupe

Alex Kerkovich — Elisa Cuthbert

Dave Rose — Zachary Knighton

Max Blum — Adam Pally

Brad Williams — Damon Wayans, Jr.

Penny Hartz — Casey Wilson

Writers (they have their own account)

Jason Berger (webisodes)

Jackie Clarke (“KickBall 2: The Kickening”)

Jon Fener (“Sabado Free-Gante”)

Daniel Libman (“Cazsh Dummy Spillionaires”)

Sierra Ornelas (“The Butterfly Effect Effect”)

Gil Ozeri (“Makin’ Changes”)

Prentice Penny (“Lying Around”)

Dan Rubin (“Party of Six”)

Leila Strachan (“Everybody Loves Grant”)

Hilary Winston (“Grinches Be Crazy”)

Lon Zimmet (“Boys II Menorah”)



Turanga Leela — Katey Sagal

Bender Bending Rodríguez — John DiMaggio

Amy Wong — Lauren Tom

Hermes Conrad — Phil LaMarr

Kif Kroker — Maurice LaMarche

Nibbler — Frank Welker


Eric Rogers (“The Silence of the Clamps”)

Michael Rowe (“Proposition Infinity”)

Michael Saikin (“Naturama”)

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Dennis Reynolds — Glenn Howerton

Deandra Reynolds — Kaitlin Olson

Frank Reynolds — Danny DeVito

The Waitress — Mary Elizabeth Ellis

Artemis — Artemis Pebdani

Rickety Cricket — David Hornsby

Liam McPoyle — Jimmi Simpson


Scott Marder (“How Mac Got Fat”)

Luvh Rakhe (“The Gang Gets Analyzed”)

Rob Rosell (“Frank’s Pretty Woman”)



Ava Crowder — Joelle Carter

Loretta McCready — Kaitlyn Dever

Sheriff Shelby — Jim Beaver

Ellstin Limehouse — Mykelti Williamson


VJ Boyd (“Guy Walks Into a Bar”)

Elmore Leonard (book creator)

Jon Worley (“Thick as Mud”)

The League


Pete Eckhart — Mark Duplass

Kevin MacArthur — Stephen Rannazzisi

Rodney Ruxin — Nick Kroll

Dr. Andre Nowzick — Paul Scheer

Taco MacArthur — Jon Lajoie

Jenny MacArthur — Katie Aselton

Sofia Ruxin — Nadine Velazquez

Shivakamini Somakandarkram — Janina Gavankar

Mad Men


Bert Cooper — Robert Morse

Harry Crane — Rich Sommer

Sally Draper — Kiernan Shipka

Bobby Draper — Mason Vale Cotton

Trudy Campbell — Alison Brie


Semi Chellas (“Far Away Places”)

Jason Grote (N/A)

New Girl

Jess Day — Zooey Deschanel

Nick Miller — Jake Johnson

Schmidt — Max Greenfield

Winston Bishop — Lamorne Morris

Cece Meyers — Hannah Simone


Rachel Axler (“Cece Crashes”)

Key Cannon (“Re-Launch”)

Dave Finkel (“Control”)

David Iserson (“Halloween”)

Liz Meriwether (creator)

Parks and Recreation


Ann Perkins — Rashida Jones

Tom Haverford — Aziz Ansari

Ron Swanson — Nick Offerman

April Ludgate — Aubrey Plaza

Andy Dwyer — Chris Pratt

Ben Wyatt — Adam Scott

Chris Traeger — Rob Lowe

Jerry Gergich — Jim O’Heir

Donna Meagle — Retta

Jean-Ralphio — Ben Schwartz

Oren — Eric Isenhower


Katie Dippold (“Bowling for Votes”)

Dan Goor (“How a Bill Becomes a Law”)

Dave King (“Live Ammo”)

Greg Levine (“Ben’s Parents”)

Joe Mande (N/A)

Aisha Muharrar (“Ms. Knope Goes to Washington”)

Chelsea Peretti (“Smallest Park” — not on show anymore, but she’s hilarious)

Michael Schur (“Halloween Surprise”)

Mike Scully (“The Comeback Kid”)

Harris Wittels (“Dave Returns”)

Alan Yang (“Soda Tax”)

The Simpsons


Bart Simpson — Nancy Cartwright

Lisa Simpson — Yeardley Smith

Apu, Moe, etc. — Hank Azaria

Skinner, Mr. Burns, etc. — Harry Shearer

Agnes, Brandine, etc. — Tress MacNeille

Helen, Luann, etc. — Maggie Roswell

Hank, Brad, etc. — Albert Brooks


Rob LaZebnik (“The Daughter Also Rises”)

Tim Long (“Moonshine River”)

Bill Oakley (“Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy”)

Michael Price (“My Fair Laddy”)

Matt Selman (“That ’90s Show”)

Sons of Anarchy


Gemma TellerKatey Sagal

Opie Winston — Ryan Hurst

Juice Ortiz — Theo Rossi

Clay Morrow — Ron Perlman

Happy — David LaBrava

Marcus Alvarez — Emilio Rivera


Mike Daniels (“Ablation”)

Gladys Rodriguez (“Call of Duty”)

Kurt Sutter (creator)

The Walking Dead


Andrea — Laurie Holden

Glenn — Steven Yeun

Carl Grimes — Chandler Riggs

Daryl Dixon — Norman Reedus

Maggie Greene — Lauren Cohan

Merle Dixon — Michael Rooker

T-Dog — IronE Singleton

Beth Greene — Emily Kinney


Nichole Beattie (“Sick”)

Scott M. Gimple (“18 Miles Out”)

Angela Kang (“Say the Word”)

Robert Kirkman (creator)

Sang Kyu Kim (“Killer Within”)

Glen Mazzara (“Seed”)



Wilfred — Jason Gann

Ryan Newman — Elijah Wood

Jenna Mueller — Fiona Gubelmann

Kristen Newman — Dorian Brown

Drew — Chris Klein


Scott Prendergast (“Control”)

David Zuckerman (“Secrets”)

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