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Showtime's 'Dexter' Retreats Back Into The Squicky

By 11.20.12

That knowledge apparently hurt Debra more than anything that Dexter has ever done, including KILLING ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE. Why? Because, as Debra finally confessed — after it had not mentioned once through the first seven episodes of the season — that she was in love with Dexter, as in she wants to f**k Dexter and make gloriously dysfunctional serial killer babies with him.

Dexter, folks, is off the rails again.

I will concede, however, that the Big Bad this season (played by Ray Stevenson), had not been that compelling until the most recent episode, when the character revealed that he wanted revenge against Dexter because Dexter killed Victor, who wasn’t just the Big Bad’s bodyguard, he was his lover. On the surface, it sounds like another staid Dexter plot turn, but Ray Stevenson actually pulled it off brilliantly with one of the better acted scenes from the series.

Unfortunately, it still doesn’t excuse how dumb the show has gotten, nor the fact that, while every other major drama is killing off major characters left and right, Dexter’s disposable, useless characters — like Angel, LaGuerta, Masuka, and Joey — are still inexplicably hanging around. Also, as bad as this season has gotten, with four more episodes remaining, it still has plenty of time to somehow stoop lower.

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