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The Timeless Thanksgiving Wisdom Of Joey Tribbiani

By / 11.15.12

We've had close to a decade now to ruminate on Friends and two things I think we can agree that the show always did well were 1) Thanksgiving episodes and 2) Joey + food. A piece of my soul will forever be trapped in the zeitgeist of the late '90s so I don't anticipate a point in my life where I hear "Thanksgiving episode" and don't think of Monica's apartment. That's just the way it is. I've learned to accept it.

To compound on that I enjoy just about every piece of random Joey Tribbiani media that I stumble across on the web a little too much. Especially anything food related. The man-whose-spinoff-never-happened's culinary wisdom is timeless, and sitting here a week from Thanksgiving we're in the perfect position to reflect on -- and gain from -- that knowledge. Not all of these lessons were taught during Thanksgiving episodes, but they all apply to the holiday. Get your notepads ready...

Only One Thing Goes Into People's Mouths


Be Prepared To Take Action


Wear Comfortable Clothing


Keep The Holiday Spirit Flowing


Never Be Afraid To Experiment


(Except With Cream)

Via and Via

Never Share


Never Apologize


And Always Give Thanks



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