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10 Things We Learned From Last Night’s Eye-Popping ‘The Walking Dead’

By / 12.03.12

6. Rick Is Having a Psychotic Break — It should be noted that Rick is still falling apart, y’all. His telephone call to himself may have been only the beginning. Now, Rick is seeing Shane hallucinations (it was good to see Jon Bernthal, even briefly), and it was his delay in shooting hallucination Shane that cost Oscar his life.

7. SCOWL, Michonne. Show Us Your Scowl — It’s a good thing that the most one-dimensional character on television has a really good dimension, as Michonne’s scowl never wavers, even when faced with a dismembered head that chomps. Grrrrr.

Michonne had the super fun task last night of hanging out in The Governor’s room with intentions of killing him. However, she didn’t plan on the Governor being as messed up as he is, what with his lovesick obsession with his zombie daughter. While waiting on The Governor, she stumbled upon his wall of heads, discovered his daughter, Penny, and did the dumbest thing a character named Michonne could ever do: She removed the chain BEFORE the sack over her head. Damnit, Michonne. THINK. Anyway, The Governor walked in, and the two got into a tussle, where Michonne got an up close and personal look at The Governor’s Fishtank Pleasure Palace.

That scowl, however, is INDOMITABLE, and during the ensuing fracas, Michonne poked an eye out.

The Scowl: 1. The Governor’s Eye: O.

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