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10 Things We Learned From The Midseason Premiere Of 'The Walking Dead'

By / 02.11.13

9. We’re No Stranger to Hard Work — Tyrese and his crew — Sasha, Allen, and Ben — have also developed a small internal fracture. Allen and Ben are all for a prison coup, while Ty wants to see how it plays out and hopefully become a member of prison gang. Ty’s crew was once at 25, and now they’re at 4, and he likes strength in numbers. There’s only one problem …

10. Rick Is Going Insane — First of all, what’s going on with Beth (better known as “Blonde Daughter”) and her little infatuation with Rick, and will her infatuation with Rick piss off Carl, who has his own infatuation with Blonde Daughter?

Second, why did Lil Ass Kicker give Rick the crazies? Did he see a resemblance to Shane?

Finally, just as it was starting to look like Rick was going to allow Tyrese into the prison gang, Rick lost his goddamn marbles when he saw a vision of zombie-ghost Lori.

Creepy? Absolutely. But where is this heading? A power vacuum? Will Rick lose control over the gang, and will Hershel — or Daryl — fill his position? I saw in interview, somewhere, where Mazzara did not rule out the possibility that Rick will be killed in the second half of the third season. Is that a possibility? Could that be what prompted Kirkman to fire Mazzara? Has Rick served his purpose? Would the prison gang be better served with a new leader? Their numbers are dwindling; they’re definitely going to need more help, especially once The Governor regroups. Where is this season heading?

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10 Things We Learned From The Midseason Premiere Of 'The Walking Dead'


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