10 Things We Learned From Last Night’s Inert Episode Of ‘The Walking Dead’

By: 02.25.13  •  217 Comments

8. Andrea’s Visit to the Prison — Like Rick’s non-answer to Carl’s request to give up control, and like Michonne’s non-response to Merle’s apology, the Prison Gang didn’t exactly welcome Andrea, but they didn’t turn her away, either. She tried to convince Rick to negotiate with The Governor, but Rick’s pride refused to allow it. Andrea got a lay of the prison, and returned to The Governor packed with a knife, a gun, and a warning to be careful provided by Rick. Honestly, though, she made no headway as far as negotiations went. A war between the Prison and Woodbury is still all but inevitable, and Andrea is still stuck in the middle.

Meanwhile, Tyrese and his gang, after an episode away, returned, running into Milton and Andrea on their trip to the prison. Tyrese’s foursome returned with Milton to Woodbury, and Adan immediately threw Rick under the bus. It’s hard to say, exactly, where The Governor stands in regard to that gang. He clearly wants to exploit what they know about the prison, and Adam will be all too happy to provide assistance. It’s not entirely certain how welcome Tyrese really is to Woodbury, and and I expect that, in the inevitable battle, the more reasonable Tyrese and Sasha will part ways with Ben and Adam, who are clearly already intoxicated by The Governor.

9. Michonne and Andrea — Maybe the best exchange of the night was between Michonne and Andrea, who accused her old parter of poisoning the prison gang against her. Michonne insisted she was only telling the truth, and betrayed a deep sense of hurt in the way that Andrea treated her. “You chose a warm bed over a friend.”

10. Andrea Pusses Out — Although The Governor had told Andrea that if she went to the prison she wouldn’t be welcome back, he was willing to quickly and easily forgive her once it became apparent that he still had control over her. He’s clearly got some kind of Jim Jeffries voodoo magic. In bed, however, Andrea seemed to briefly snap out of it and made to kill The Governor in his sleep. She ultimately decided against it because she is gutless.

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