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Melissa McCarthy Gave Up Being The World’s Worst Cheerleader To Be The World’s Worst Goth Kid

By 02.05.13

I also hate me for not having photographic evidence to back up that headline.

I’ve taken on a self-appointed role around here of sifting through the previous night’s late night clips in order to bring you guys the hidden gems as efficiently as possible. I like to think of it as a public service I do for the anonymous cubicle-dweller nods of appreciation. And for the YouTube comments.

So one of the few guest appearances worth passing along from last night is everyone’s favorite mayonnaise-chugging lady comedian dropping by JKL and revealing her teenage past as a terrible cheerleader turned terrible goth kid. Clip below starts mid-interview for your viewing convenience. God I love goth kid stories.

Internet, we need imagery/footage of either stage, stat. Man, it’s energetic, self-deprecating good times like this that I’ll miss most when everyone realizes Melissa McCarthy is better in small doses.

Part 2 of the interview here. And an unfunny identity theft bit here (although that Kenyan line from the movie clip isn’t terrible). Humanity-questioning YouTube comments here.

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