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News Anchors Saying The Name Of 9-Year-Old Rapper Lil Poopy Is Never Not Funny

By 02.26.13

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Case of the Voice of a Generation, Lil Poopy, a refresher:

A 9-year-old rapper’s adult-themed music videos are finding some new viewers: Massachusetts child welfare authorities…The child, Luie Rivera Jr., whose stage name is “Lil Poopy,” is seen in videos posted online, including on YouTube [Ed. note: what, no love for Metacafe?], smacking a woman’s backside, flashing wads of cash, riding in a Ferrari and rapping about how “coke is not a bad word.” (Via)

GOD, even CNN can’t stop talking about c-words.

The Brockton, MA, police department contacted the state’s Department of Children and Families after receiving a call from a “concerned citizen” who saw the boy in videos featuring sexual themes and drug references…Lil Poopy is a member of Moroccan-born rapper French Montana’s group, Coke Boys. (Via)

Concerned Citizen and Area Man would make such adorable babies together, especially if conception occurred during the sweet, soothing sounds of a Lil Poopy song. Anyway, I bring all this up for two reasons: 1) it’s fun to say “Lil Poopy,” and 2) it’s even more fun when news anchors have to report on “Lil Poopy.” For instance.

I laughed every time. And from another video:

When I die, I hope my tombstone reads “Lil Poopy Fan.” The only way these reports could be better is if White Guy Anchor #28 had to say, “…the new track from Lil Poopy, featuring Spacehog, is the cause of much concern.” Spacehog, the Lil Poopy of ’90s glam rock.

(Via CNN)


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