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GIF Of Thrones Recap: ‘Dark Wings, Dark Words’

By 04.08.13

You’ve never seen the BBC Office, Jon Snow? (Via)

And off to Riverrun Robb and his less-than-merry band of followers go, to pay their respects to Cat’s soon-to-be deceased father. The Robb/Cat stuff has been disjointed in both episodes so far; last week, it was confusing, and in “Dark Wings,” although Cat’s monologue was fantastic, it was also unnecessary. It’s as if the writers just needed to give Michelle Fairley something to do. I don’t think this is too much of a spoiler, but by book three, Cat barely thought about Jon, let alone gave a long speech to her son’s wife about him. Then again, considering all the terrible decisions made by the Starks, maybe it makes sense that these scenes were aimless. (Via)

Me too, Joffrey. I hate myself for how much I liked this scene, and not just because it’s extremely well written and acted. Margaery is much more interesting of a character on the show than in the books, thanks to the way Natalie Dormer plays her as someone who seems genuinely naive, yet also wickedly cunning. The way she distracts Joffrey from his threats is a thing of beauty, as is the way she squeezes her…I think it’s time for the Attractive Women of Game of Thrones Power Rankings: 1. Margaery, 2. Shae, 3. Ygriette, 4. Talisa, 5. Oleanna (oh yeah). (Via)

Or “what we love,” like me and that last paragraph. Also, sisters. (Via)

Not much Tyrion this episode — my guess is he wouldn’t have even been in it, were Peter Drunklage not the show’s “lead” — but the bit we did see, in which Shae interrogates the disgraced former Hand about Sansa, feels like a small fragment of a greater whole. Some mighty fine backtracking, too. (Via)

Actually, put that quote on a motivational coffee mug. The Reeds are fan favorites, and not just among the large overlap of Game of Thrones and Love Actually devotees. Their arrival is essential to Bran figuring out what the hell he is because, really, what the hell is a warg and why is he one? Also, when did Bran turn 23 years old? (Via)

Yeah, seems about right for Theon’s story. NEXT. (Via)

About 15 minutes into the episode, I found myself asking, to paraphrase Milhouse, “When are they going to get to the Arya stuff???” Thank god they did, or otherwise there would have been a revolt. From me. Arya’s trudging through the forest with Hot Pie and Gendry when they run into the Brotherhood without Banners, the group the Tickler was trying to glean information about last season at Harrenhal. They appear to be a relatively decent group of guys — meaning, HUGE Garden State fans — and everything’s coming up Arya, until… (Via)

Oh boy. I’ve heard hell #4 is nice this time of year. (Via)

If Arya and Brienne ever meet up, they’ll single handedly destroy misogyny. Jaime can’t be content that he wasn’t able to take down Brienne, a girl, nor should either of them be off their guards, now that they’ve been taken hostage by the Boltons. I hope the show checks in on the traveler who ratted out J & B. My only major criticism of the season so far is that there hasn’t been enough plots. WHAT WILL HE DO WITH ALL THAT SILVER? (Via)

You said it, Happy Hodor. (Via)

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