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Watch Jon Stewart Take Down CNN And Its Stupid Hologram Goats

By 04.05.13

CNN has been in a weird cable news middle ground for a while now. On one side they have Fox, which has a stranglehold on the right-leaning, tax-cutting, stupid-Obama-and-his-stupid-socialism-hating Tea Party and grandparents crowd. On the other side they have MSNBC, which has made a concerted effort to lock down the left-leaning, pinko, anti-war, hippie-dippie, let’s-all-live-on-a-commune-and-smoke-drugs liberal audience. For a little while they tried (or so they claimed) to stake out a middle ground, but that wasn’t splashy and sexy enough, so a few months back they brought in former NBC head honcho Jeff Zucker to spice things up. Now they have hologram goats, murder mysteries, and wall-to-wall Poop Cruise coverage.

Luckily, Jon Stewart and the team at The Daily Show noticed this shift too, and last night they took a jackhammer to the whole operation. And thank God they did, because CNN is embarrassing now. Like, as an American. Go ahead, turn it on right now. I dare you. If you last more than ten minutes, I’ll eat my coffee mug.


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