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10 Great TV Characters That Were Introduced Late In A Show's Run

By 06.19.13

6. Gil Gunderson

Gil Gunderson lick

Since the end of season seven, The Simpsons has added Duffman, Crazy Cat Lady, YESSS Guy, Johnny Tightlips, and Frankie the Squealer to Springfield’s already gluttonous population. No other show in TV history has been so adept at seamlessly creating new, instantly beloved characters, including poor ol’ Gil Gunderson, an homage to anthropomorphized flop sweat Jack Lemmon whose never-ending misery is second only to Hans Moleman’s. If a car suddenly bursts into flames for no reason, it’s probably becuase Gil and Moleman in the Morning are there.

7. Michael Lee


The structure of The Wire allowed the show to bring in an entire batch of new names after every season. The Cop Season turned into The Docks Season, then The Politics Season, then The School Season, and finally, The Journalism Season. There’s no wrong answer for the best season of The Wire, but I’ve always preferred season four, partially because of the students, Dukie, Randy, Michael, and Namond. They’re only in eighth grade, and already they’re doomed. Where Dukie and Randy try to make the best out of the life they’ve been handed, however, Namond and especially Michael give in, and become part of the problem. As Snoop knows all too well.

8. Rebecca Howe


Probably the most famous example on the list. Out went the beloved Diane Chambers after season five, so Shelley Long could become a major movie star (Don’t Tell Her It’s Me! Dr. T & the Women! Zombie Hamlet!), in came Kirstie Alley’s Rebecca Howe, as well as Woody Boyd (season four), Lilith Sternin (season four), and Frasier Crane (season three). Such strong additions to the cast is what made Cheers for 11 seasons.

9. Daniel Faraday

Daniel Faraday

Lost needed new characters to keep things interesting. If the show’s central mystery to extend five seasons, there was only so much the writers could reveal about Jack and Kate, at least until the final run of episodes. Enter: mad genius Daniel Faraday, one of many new faces introduced in seasons three and four, but the only one to look and move like a squirrel that’s just been electrocuted. I’m still bitter about what happened to him.

10. Jim Cutler

Jim Cutler juice

Can’t mention Bob, Bob Benson without bringing up Jim Cutler. (Shout out to Ted and Lane Pryce, too.)

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