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Horny 100-Year-Old Grandma Asks Reporter Interviewing Her, ‘How’s Your Dick Hanging?’

By 07.08.13

grandma interview

It’s as hot as an insanity pepper today, meaning it’s the PERFECT day to watch footage of a 100-year-old woman repeatedly say the word “dick” to an amused reporter during an interview. This brings up an important question: at what age is it acceptable to stop giving any/all f*cks? By that, I’m not talking about the people who run to the bodega for milk in their sweatpants and mustard-stained Los Angeles Rams t-shirts; no, I mean those who swear, drink, spit, and smoke whenever/wherever they want, and it’s always amusing, never depressing (Florida residents excluded).

I hope it’s 26 years old, ’cause I’ve got a barrel of c*nt punts I’ve been waiting to unleash on GMA.

(Via Bob’s Blitz)


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