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Donald Glover’s Short Film ‘Clapping For The Wrong Reasons’ Is A Hipster Wet Dream

By 08.16.13

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Donald Glover is an unabashed hipster. He makes no bones about his love of the world of big glasses and Wire references. He loves the culture so much that he made a short film taking you through a day of his life full of all the hipster tropes that make the world go around.

For example…

— Big glasses
— Statue from India
— Landlines
— Nifty weed-smoking gadgets
— Karate
— Piano-playing
— Long-sleeve shirts and shorts
— Rappers people like ironically (Trinidad Jame$)
— Connect Four
— Learning how to DJ
— Chicks we had crushes on from the 90s (Tapanga)
— Picking fresh fruit
— campfires

Also, things get disgusting. There’s a bloody nose and a really long, uncomfortable scene of yanking a gold tooth out of it.

And, here’s the most hipster aspect of the whole film: I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON. Thanks, Donnie Darko.


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