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Here’s The Animated Version Of What Happens When You Put 10 Of TV’s Best Show Creators Together In A Room

By 08.26.13


Many of our finest TV show creators are known for A Thing. Joss Whedon: he kills your favorite characters. Larry David: he speaks up about life’s injustices, no matter how trivial. Mitch Hurwitz: there’s no such thing as a joke being TOO referential. Tina Fey: she’s the lady. In Leigh Lahav’s latest animated short, “Writers Cabin,” she imagines what it’d be like to put some of TV’s greatest showrunners and writers, including all the names listed above as well as Matt Groening, Steven Moffat, George R.R. Martin, and Dan Harmon, into one room.

Vince Gilligan doesn’t make an appearance, only because his Thing is: being awesome.


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