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Joel McHale’s ‘Community’ Castmates Gave Him A Fun Nickname After Seeing His Lengthy Butt Crack

By 01.15.14

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Joel McHale stopped by Conan last night and his appearance was predictably delightful. He’ll grab all the headlines today — and rightfully so — for Calling Justin Bieber a f*cking idiot, but he also engaged Conan in some seriously entertaining butt banter.

In a single segment (above), Joel manages to discuss his super lengthy butt crack, how his lengthy butt crack came to be, how it inspired his Community castmates to give him a nickname based on his lengthy butt crack, and how he had a different butt-centric nickname in college. Also, Conan might be the man with no butt crack. The whole thing was enough to make Tina Belcher’s head explode.


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