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Jason Mantzoukas Shouted Rafi Lines & Explained How They Could All Get The Same Girl Pregnant On ‘Conan’

By 06.19.14

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Jason Mantzoukas dropped by Conan last night to chat about everyone’s favorite recurring character on The League and make all involved — sans the unflappable Elijah Wood — uncomfortable with animated explanations of what it’s like to be the guy who improvised all those Rafi lines that bros scream at each other.

It’s pretty much required viewing (despite the bleeps) for anyone jonesing for some Rafi, but for my money his detailed explanation of how he, Conan, Andy, and Elijah could potentially all get the same girl pregnant is where the real value lies in the clip.

For good measure here’s the other part of the interview where Jason discusses beard origins and the weird pictures he takes with fans.

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