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‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Asks: Have You Ever Had Sex With Someone You Met On The Internet?

By 06.26.14

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Last night the Jimmy Kimmel Live street team went around asking the pedestrian question: Have you ever had sex with someone you met on the internet? Before I even watched the video I was like, it’s 2014, who hasn’t? I mean I guess if you’ve been married for like 20+ years since before the internet was really a thing with dating websites and forums and Craigslist, but let’s face it — a lot of times not even then. Hell, even I met my husband through a writer from another website that I worked for, although that was more like meeting on the internet-adjacent.

Anyway, you’d be surprised that there actually people out there, apparently, who haven’t had sex with people they met on the internet. Or they’re just good liars. I think I got 5/7, see if you can beat that!

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