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Let’s Take A Moment To Honor The Shows We Know The Emmys Won’t Ever Celebrate

By / 07.09.14

Outstanding Ridiculous Comedy Series That Should Inspire Many More Similar ShowsChildrens Hospital

Childrens Hospital

Cartoon Network

Absurd ensemble comedies should be the key to the future for one network. It’d probably be NBC or Fox, since they’re both so willing to cancel an entire slate of shows with little opportunity for success, but then they’d both just screw it up. At least give Malin Akerman another show immediately since The Trophy Wife was canceled. Just call it Malin and have it be 22 minutes of her doing anything, like reading a book or eating a banana. What do I know? I’m not a network exec.

Outstanding Comedy Actor who Apparently Has to Murder Someone to Get Some Recognition – Charlie Day, Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Always Sunny Charlie


Obviously, Always Sunny isn’t a show that is designed for the Emmy folks, but that’s stupid because it’s well-written and Charlie Day and Danny DeVito have been fantastic on it throughout every season, no matter how disappointing some of the recent episodes have been. They are national treasures, but this is about Day more than anyone. That’s why he’s becoming a huge star and eventually we’ll have missed our opportunity to shower him with TV awards, as I predict that he and Kevin Hart will be starring in a Lethal Weapon reboot by 2016.

Achievement in Getting the Heroes Out of Danger with a Record Number of Knee and Shoulder ShotsPerson of Interest

Person of Interest


I love Person of Interest. It is equal parts unbelievable ridiculousness and slightly above average acting, while having just enough dramatic tension to make me think that Reese or Shaw might actually be in danger, before they shoot all of the bad guys in the knees or shoulders and escape to safety. Meanwhile, Harold has, like, a billion dollars and I respect that because I’d love to be obscenely wealthy while controlling a computer system that monitors everyone. Except, instead of saving people, I’d use the system to record accidental nut shots.

Outstanding Drama That Should Win Every Respective Emmy Just OnceJustified



How about at next year’s Emmys, Justified cleans up and wins every dramatic Emmy and we just call it a day? All of the other so-called “hits” could go back to competing and winning in 2016. Come on, Emmy voters, just do it once for all of us Raylan Givens fans.

Outstanding Series That I Just Keep Watching Because I Want to Know How It Ends AlreadySons of Anarchy



How is it that the only Emmy this show has been nominated for (and won) was Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music? Granted, Charlie Hunnam doesn’t deserve much more than Outstanding Bro Walking, but Kim Coates should get something for this last season. Then again, the less Sons is nominated, the more Kurt Sutter complains, and that’s always some seriously good entertainment.

Outstanding Comedy Series that is the Most Outstanding Comedy Series on TV, Seriously, If You’re Not Watching It, You’re InsaneReview


Comedy Central

Andrew Daly should be a primetime star now, please.

Outstanding Same Thing That I Said About JustifiedArcher

Pam Archer


Four-time winner of the Best Animated Series at the Critics’ Choice Awards, but Archer has received a whopping zero nominations for Outstanding Animated Program at the Emmys. In fact, all Archer has ever received is a nomination for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for H. Jon Benjamin, who could cover every nomination in that category in any given year, as long as the Emmy voters are willing to accept Coke commercials, too.

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