24 Movie moves forward in real time

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02.04.11 5 Comments

Kiefer Sutherland was spotted enthusiastically discussing (or, “canoodling”) the tentatively-planned “24” movie with award-winning director and producer Ron Howard at a Times Square restaurant this week.  I’m a big fan of the early days of 24, but I’m getting this information from the New York Post, so forgive me if it gets to vague and starts sounding like espionage.

A spy (see, already) for the New York Post told them that Kiefer was “excited about how much more they could do for ’24’ with a movie format than they could ever do on television.”  So does that mean boobs?  Gore?  Extraneous cursing outside of DVD special features?  The spy also reported that the lunch lasted a long time, the waiters were big fans of 24, and that Sutherland “dined on a cheeseburger.”  At some point during this article I’m hoping he uses the cheeseburger to break the neck of one of the waiters.

I’m all for a 24 movie, especially if it thrusts Elisha Cuthbert back into the spotlight, films her in 3-D and then has her get attacked by forest creatures. The problem is that there is already a pretty good 24 movie out called “Taken.”  Also, the fact that they forgot how to properly write that show like four years ago.

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