This Redubbed Supercut Of ’80s Cartoon Intros Is A Glorious Reminder Of How Completely Bonkers Your Childhood Was

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03.23.16 8 Comments

Remember Saturday morning cartoons in the ’80s with their long intros (followed immediately by a commercial for breakfast cereal) and neat little character summations that got you right into the story whether you were a cartoon expert or a complete novice? Looking back, those were pretty ridiculous, right? But here’s something even more ridiculous: a supercut of all your favorite ’80s intros (yep, Skeletor’s here), redubbed to show off exactly how completely absurd and bizarre all your favorites — from He-Man to G.I. Joe — were.

Done in the style of an actual intro (and using actual ’80s animation), this video introduces you to the land of peacetopia, a character named Dex Jupiter (who wields the power of jazz fusion), and a villain named Abracabastard. It starts off slow (almost like an actual intro) and quickly descends into madness. When will you lose it and start laughing hysterically? Is it when you hear about planet named New Brunswick or when you close your eyes, remember your childhood, and think “what the hell was I watching?” because none of these strange ideas are that far off from what we actually enjoyed as kids.

Don’t worry if you’re not a product of the ’80s, though. You don’t have to be someone who enjoyed these cartoons when they aired on glorious tiny TVs all over America to enjoy this video. You just have to remember that one day, all your favorites will seem just as ludicrous and laughable.

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