A Georgia Dentist Scared The Hell Out Of Children With His Terrifying Billboard

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A local billboard ad did more than just capture the attention of people in Norcross, it has scared several children.

The billboard, which shows an advertisement for Georgia Prosthodontics, is located right next to a daycare called Legacy Academy at Berkeley Lake. […]

“They’re afraid to go outside on the playground because it overlooks their playground and these are little toddlers, and it’s just not OK,” [Daycare Director Ami] Bombardieri said. [CBS Atlanta]

Okay, two things:

1) Shoutout to Legacy Academy director Ami Bombardieri for (a) being on the goddamn ball about this, to the point she’s giving an interview to a TV station while she’s on the phone with someone else (a lawyer? Her congressman? The President?!), and (b) having a really tremendous last name.

2) Why on Earth would you put that billboard near a daycare? I am a fully grown adult male and I swear to God I’m going to have nightmares for weeks about that person’s horrifying, mangled mouth. Those kids must be traumatized. I imagine they’ve all brushed their teeth so much in the last few days that they’ve eroded them down to shiny little touthnubs. Ones that will require extensive dental work to repair. THE PLOT THICKENS.

Luckily, this story has as happy an ending as one can have when the middle part of it involves scaring children with a giant picture of diseased gums. The billboard is coming down.

Thursday afternoon, an attorney for Dr. Carlos Castro, the owner of Georgia Prosthodontics, gave the following statement to CBS Atlanta News:

“Recently, Dr. Carlos Castro, owner of Sonria Dental Care/Georgia Prosthodontics, received notification that the children attending Legacy Academy Berkeley Lake may be frightened by their billboard that is located on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard [Norcross, Gwinnett County]. Dr. Castro, who is extremely concerned about the health, safety and welfare of children, is working diligently with CBS Outdoor to ensure that the billboard is immediately removed. Dr. Castro sincerely regrets any type of inconvenience that this may have caused the parents of the children that attend Legacy and offers his sincere apology to the children that attend Legacy, Legacy Academy and the surrounding community. Hopefully, with the assistance of CBS Outdoor, the billboard will be immediately removed.”

You done good, Ami Bombardieri. You done good.

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