Alison Brie Should Be on the Cover of Every Magazine, and More ‘Community’ News

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03.07.12 7 Comments

This is of interest to me as a “Community” fan:

Part one of a three-part animated “Community” web series, called “Abed’s Master Key,” premiered today on Hulu. (Parts two and three tomorrow and Friday.) Written by Dave Seger and Tom Kauffman, the duo behind “Ikea Heights,” it’s about the Dean hiring Abed to be his personal assistant…only for the power to go his head. It’s amusing, though it could use a talking dog. But I say that about everything.

This is of interest to me as a heterosexual male:

“Mad Men siren” Alison Brie is on the cover of Elle Canada this month (I knew I should have renewed my subscription!), and here’s what I learned: she defines sexy as when “you feel comfortable and sexy” and she has her “eye on fashion” now. So, yeah, not exactly the most riveting of stuff, BUT there is a behind-the-scenes video of her cover shoot that’s the greatest thing to come out of Canada since the cover of Rush’s Hemispheres.

The animated short is below, and the Alison video is here, because it plays automatically when you embed it, and I don’t want to get any of you fired.

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