The 30 Best Shows On Hulu Right Now, Ranked

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best shows on hulu right now

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Last Updated: January 3rd

As many different services vie for your attention, Hulu has really upped the ante in terms of its streaming catalog. While the service may be getting rid of its free content, there are more than a few reasons to stick with it. So here are the best shows on Hulu right now, ranked.

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30. The Path (1 Season)

ThePath - best tv shows on hulu right now


When you combine the narrative power of Jason Katims with a firecracker cast, there was no way that The Path was one to miss. As he sees his family get deeper and deeper into a cult called “Meyerism,” Aaron Paul’s Eddie Lane starts to suffer from a crisis of faith. However, his wife, Sarah (Michelle Monaghan), is a lifelong member, and the pull of the charismatic leader Cal (Hugh Dancy) is a strong one. Everything begins to unravel, bringing ugly secrets to the surface and the choice between personal belief and family responsibility is explored. It isn’t always an easy watch, but it is a worthwhile one.

29. Daria (5 Seasons)



If there ever was a character who spoke to the angsty teen inside everyone, it was Daria Morgendorffer. A ’90s MTV classic, Daria was the voice of a generation, but honestly, the show speaks to teenagers from every decade. If you’ve ever been embarrassed by a sibling, thought your peers were idiots, and been condescended to by adults, Daria will strike a nerve. With incredibly clever one liners, honest insights into the pain of first love, and a winning cynicism that elevates it above a run-of-the-mill cartoon, Daria should be your next nostalgia binge.

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