Bill Nye Uses ‘Science’ To Justify Binge-Watching Netflix

By: 09.22.16

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Bill Nye is coming back to both television and education with a new show on Netflix, Bill Nye Saves The World. So in order to promote it, and encourage you to binge-watch the whole thing, Nye breaks out the totally legit charts and diagrams to pitch us on some, ah, questionable science.

Really the whole thing is a note-perfect satire of those upbeat yet dull science videos so many of us were forced to sit through back in the day, right down to the elevator music and Nye’s deliberately awkward delivery. The fact that he’s not entirely serious is quickly betrayed by the science on display, not to mention the end of the video, proof that if nothing else, Nye is the master of the GIFable moment:


One doubts that this’ll be what his Netflix series is like, but it’s nice to see Nye, a former improv comedian, stretching these muscles again. Despite his recent seriousness, admittedly heavily leavened by Photoshop, Nye’s best skill has always been mixing entertainment with education in a way that makes it stick. If this is the ongoing theme of his new series, it’ll probably never go off the air. Hey, maybe this video is scientifically accurate after all!

(Via The Mary Sue)

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