Brad Pitt's Younger Brother, Doug, Totally Lost Out in the Genetic Lottery

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07.02.12 16 Comments

Below, there’s a fairly clever Australian ad for Virgin Mobile starring “the second-most famous Pitt in his family,” Doug Pitt. I didn’t even realize that Brad Pitt had a brother, but that poor bastard not only has to live in the shadow of Brad’s fame, the Pitt family apparently clobbered him with the ugly stick. It must suck to look so much like Brad Pitt, and yet, have none of the good looks and ALL the Missouri accent. It’s like someone took Brad Pit and crossed him with Ned Flanders.

He’s a giant dork, but I’ll give him this much: He’s got a good sense of humor. I also like to think that he tries to sneak in to his brother’s bedroom late at night in the hopes that Angelina will inadvertently mistake him for Brad in the dark. You gotta at least take the shot, right?

Check out the commercial.

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