Bruce Willis Photobombed Kate Upton And The Swimsuit Issue Cover From A Kayak

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02.13.13 16 Comments

I’m forever a Bruce Willis apologist so I’ll probably go see the Die Hard 5 and convince myself I enjoyed it despite all the tropes and general unnecessariness because NOSTALGIA + SPLOSIONS. I also willfully ignore all stories that paint Bruce in a poor light. Why? Well, on top of a quarter of his films being super awesome, he’s always been great times on Letterman. Since I was a kid I remember Bruce showing up to hang out with Dave and playing along with whatever gag and just seeming like an OK dude. That sort of thing goes a long way with me.

So with The Late Show being swept up in SI Swimsuit fever Bruce was of course included in a bit that involved Antarctic vacation homes, water sports, and Kate Upton…

That’s just a delightful “parka” save at the end there. And for closer inspection:

And here’s Kate discussing being naked in Antarctica, because we’re already here, right?

Late Show

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