Celebrate The Return Of ‘New Girl’ With Jess And Nick’s Greatest GIF Moments

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nick jess

As far as romantic pairings go, New Girl‘s Nick Miller and Jessica Day have nothing on Mac and Charlie, TV’s most adorable couple, but they’re still pretty great. And as of 9 p.m. EST tonight, after the premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, they’ll be back in our lives. As a refresher, season two ended with a fist-pumping Nick and Jess driving away from Cece’s unsuccessful marriage together, having reunited after some post-“Cooler” awkwardness.

“Julius Pepperwood” and “Two-Boobs Johnson” are a rare will they/won’t duo that isn’t sickening to spend time with, and hopefully they’ll stay “will” for a good chunk of season three (or at least until Nick finishes fine tuning his zombie novel). So for now, let’s celebrate the good times with the best Nick and Jess GIFs.

nick jess dance

crazy about you

come back for

nick jess kiss


cool face

gas tank

love moe

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