12.02.09 8 years ago 17 Comments

You know, when I started a television blog, my biggest hope was that I’d get the opportunity to ignore programming and talk about huge faceless hegemonic corporations buying out huge faceless struggling corporations. Well, good news for me! Because Comcast has completed a deal to buy a controlling share of NBC Universal. Wow! Thrilling!

Less than a day after GE consolidated ownership of NBC Universal in preparation to spin it off and sell a controlling stake to Comcast, CNBC is reporting that the deal is actually done and will be announced Thursday morning. As rumored from the start, Comcast will now own 51 percent of NBC to GE’s 49 percent, and the new company will fold in Comcast’s various content assets, which means the new NBC will rival Disney in size. That’s a big enchilada, and it should make the future of Comcast initiatives like TV Everywhere extremely interesting. [Engadget]

So how does this affect me? Is Jay Leno fired yet? No? Okay, just let me know when Jay Leno’s fired.

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