When Will ‘X-Men ’97’ Episode 9 Be On Disney+?

The penultimate episode of Disney+’s retro superhero series X-Men ’97 is almost upon us, and the stakes are only getting higher and higher. This is what happens when superheros who can also fly end up fighting!

Earlier in the season, it was confirmed that Professor X is alive and well, he was just hanging out on an alien planet while he recharged. Fans also saw Magneto return to join in on the fun, though who knows where his loyalties ever stand.

There are only two more episodes of the season, and previews have teased Magneto’s role in the upcoming finale. The official synopsis also suggests that Bastion might not be the only main villain after all: “The X-Men have to face a new threat as opposition to the mutant population reaches a climax.”

Episode 9, titled “Tolerance is Extinction – Part 2” is set to continue right where the previous one left off. Part two of the epic three part finale will be released on Disney+ at 12:00 AM PP or 03:00 AM ET on Wednesday, May 8th. The final episode in the season will be added the following week. Don’t worry, season two is already in the works in case of any cliffhangers.