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Foxx in The Soloist, Friedlander introducing himself as a sex offender

Comedy Central announced a new slate of programming, and among those shows are new vehicles for Jamie Foxx and Judah Friedlander.  From The Live Feed:

The network is developing a Jamie Foxx workplace comedy based on his Sirius/SM satellite radio program, “The Foxxhole;” [and] “Gypsy Cab,” starring “30 Rock’s” Judah Friedlander as a cab driver.

I won’t deny that Foxx is a good actor, and I loved him on “In Living Color.”  But that was before he rolled off a full decade of being a douchebag and doing things like encouraging Miley Cyrus to make a sex tape, then using his “apology” on Leno to promote his show.  As for Friedlander, his entire comedic ouevre is words on hats and stupid glasses.  “Look at me, I’m not fashionable LOL!” Sometimes I wish I had two mouths, so I could boo and make fart noises at the same time.  I suppose I’ll just have to substitute fart noises with actual farts.  I think I’m up to the challenge.

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