‘Community’s’ Halloween, Thanksgiving, And Christmas Episodes Will All Air In The Spring, Obviously

11.05.12 8 Comments

So remember how NBC was all “We’re gonna air Community on Fridays this fall” but then they were like “Wait no we’re gonna delay it indefinitely because of reasons,” and then the other week they were all “How ’bout we start it February 7th?” Well, here’s a fun little result of all that schedule-wiggling: According to TV Guide, the show had already made Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas episodes for this season by the time they got delayed, and as of press time all of those holidays were scheduled to happen sometime well before February 7th. If all this is true, and NBC airs this season’s episodes in order, it means Community’s Christmas episode will probably end up airing sometime in April or May. Obviously.

This is the most Community/NBC thing possible.

Splitsider via TV Guide

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