‘Community’ Could Return To NBC Any Week Now

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10.11.13 22 Comments

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Approximately negative nine people watched Welcome to the Family last night. (Rough year for Mike O’Malley.) Even by NBC’s already-low standards, those numbers are terrible, and a cancellation seems inevitable. But how will the Peacock fill the void left by Welcome‘s unsuccessfully wacky interracial hijinks? Perhaps with Wacky Interracial Hijinks: Greendale Edition: according to TV by the Numbers, “NBC’s rookie sitcom was clearly DOA after it’s premiere last week. After another dreadful rating last night, it’s in [a gotta go] situation. Conveniently, NBC has long time Thursday sitcom veteran Community just waiting to take over, as it certainly will. It’s just a matter of when.”

When asked how far he is with season five on Reddit, Dan Harmon responded: “I’m in the edit bay about half done with 501 and feeling pretty good.” Then:

Whooo! So, if that super-hypothetical thing happened, where Welcome to the Family got canned, and Community could get put in, when’s the soonest we could super-hypothetically see it?

That’s not my world unfortunately. But should they NEED a little something something, we can hook em up in a few weeks. We have to have these babies off the assembly line on a certain schedule for fiscal purposes.

The quicker Community‘s back, the less time we’ll spend asking: remember when NBC Thursday nights didn’t blow?

(Except for Parks and Recreation. Ron Swanson is always the exception to the rule.)

(Via TV by the Numbers)

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