Let's Track Down All The Rhyming Names On 'Community' Because Why Not?

10.28.13 4 years ago 43 Comments

community-rhymingnames-8 community-rhymingnames-7

community-rhymingnames-6 community-rhymingnames-5

community-rhymingnames-4 community-rhymingnames-3

community-rhymingnames-2 community-rhymingnames-1

Community is chocked full of running gags, some better than others. One of the most prominent and liberally utilized by all characters is the ole rhyming name bit, so when I stumbled across the above GIF wall that’s currently making its rounds on Tumblr it made me happy.

But since this is internet I soon found myself thinking this can’t be all of them, so I went head first down the YouTube rabbit hole until I found this supercut of all the rhyming name usage on Community. You know, for comprehension’s sake.

And now I think we’re pretty much covered. Thank you for your time.

[Insert clever rhyming name closing here]

Via Tumblr & YouTube

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