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Obviously, my greatest passion in life is funny photos of animals. Preferably cats wearing clothes, but I’m also open to parrots in sunglasses and dogs reenacting Civil War battle scenes. So when Cool Cat hit the Internet earlier this week, my immediate desire was to have him square off against Cool Dog. Cool Dog has more of a laid-back Fonzy vibe, while Cool Cat — I’m not gonna lie to you — is kind of intimidating. But one thing’s certain: they’re both very, very cool.

LINKS (with bonus animal pictures):

Wine Dog refuses to drink merlot! 25 pictures of animals with booze. This is basically everything I want from the Internet. I want all these animals to come to life and hang out in the same bar as me. That would be an amazing TV show. [Holy Taco]

The cast of “thirtysomething” then and now. Then: ugly douchebags. Now: ugly old douchebags. [Getback]

MEGAN FOX NUDE! is what I would write if I were trying to get your attention for a story about Fox professing her admiration for her favorite comic artists. [Comics Alliance]

Kitten in a blender? Kitten in a blender. That’s gonna be the most adorable smoothie ever. [Cute Overload via Buzzfeed]

Oooohhh, ironic floppy disks! Deluxe box set of Season 5 of “Lost” on DVD. [Best Week Ever]

A Brief History of Hitlers in America. All these Hitlers seem so nice. [Asylum]

Whoa, actual TV news? HBO orders a pilot for a Mike White-Laura Dern comedy. [Hollywood Reporter]

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