Creed From ‘The Office’ On Creed The Band: ‘Is He Gargling With Glass?’

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04.10.13 5 Comments

Long before Creed Bratton played a fictional version of himself on NBC’s The Office, he was a member of the respected member of the 1960s flower-pop band, the Grass Roots. They even had a top-10 hit in 1967 with “Let’s Live for Today,” so Bratton knows what he’s talking about when he’s discussing music.

Earlier this week, the Creed Thoughts founder appeared on WNYC’s Soundcheck, where he listened to Creed, the terrible band that stole their sound from Mr. Derp, for the first time. Here are his thoughts on “With Arms Wide Open”:

How did he do that? Did he take a bastard file and do it to his vocal chords? Or is he gargling with glass? How does his voice do that? That’s the weirdest damn thing I’ve ever heard. My God! It’s crazy!

That is the kindest thing anyone has said about Creed in five years. Listen to the interview below.

(Via Vulture) (Via WYNC)

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