Trevor Noah Falls Hard For Tomi Lahren’s Troublesome Political Rants On ‘The Daily Show’

One of the most typical counter-argument of any protest of late, or possibly ever, is the love it or leave it defense. If you use your freedom of speech to question or raise awareness about an issue, you better not, because people have fought and died for the right for you to question, protest or raise awareness of said issue. Now stand up for them. This is an odd logic, and in some instances, can be described as complaining about complaining. This gets us nowhere. It’s a treadmill of disenchantment that’s run on the souls of strawman arguments. It’s pointless, but it gets clicks. At least, if Facebook wants you to see it.

Facebook’s algorithm may have shielded you from many pundits on the left or the right, depending on the media you consume on a daily basis. One of the people you may not have come across is the extremely popular right-wing talking head Tomi Lahren, whose videos are viewed tens of millions of times by everyone’s one uncle they have (you know the one).

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