Trevor Noah Cuts To The Core With A Powerful Segment Addressing The Tulsa Shooting

Trevor Noah has sadly had a few opportunities to get real on The Daily Show since he took over for Jon Stewart. Much like President Obama — only in a smaller scale — Noah has had to address police violence and shootings in this country while also attempting to be funny. He brings that up at the start of a powerful segment on Wednesday’s show, noting how he isn’t trying to find a way to be funny about sad news, but more than his mind is using it to protect from pain.

The latest are the events in Tulsa — and sure to be the unrest currently happening in Charlotte tomorrow night — and how it relates to the larger perception problems we are seeing between the police and the black community. Noah goes on about how racial divisions in society and how most don’t even know we are doing it, using the helicopter pilots calling victim Terence Crutcher a “bad dude’ from on high. The only thing they can tell is that Crutcher was black, leading Noah to call out the bias that exists.

He closes by saying that if the only time police encounter black people is when they’re policing crime, perception is going to sway in that way. It’s not an easy problem to fix, but he finishes by asking people to change their thinking.

“What you can do is not think black people are crazy for feeling oppressed when every time they see a video of themselves being engaged by police it ends with them getting shot.”

Pretty powerful stuff from The Daily Show.

(Via The Daily Show)