GIF Of Thrones Recap: ‘Walk Of Punishment’

Like last year: please contain all discussions of books three, four, and five to the SPOILER SECTION in the comments, otherwise you will be banned and everyone will hate you. You’ll be a Joffrey, without a Margaery.

“Walk of Punishment” was Game of Thrones at its near best. There was violence! Tyrion acting all quippy! An archer who couldn’t hit his target of a dead man floating down a river! A Hold Steady song! A new location! A fairly humanizing moment for Talisa! Boobs! An entire scene about how big Pod’s dick is! A loaf of bread in the shape of a direwolf! Arya acting too big for britches! Mance declaring war! Melisandre on the hunt for blood! A bunch of horse heads laid out in the pattern of hurricane clip art in the snow! Power moves courtesy of Cersei and Tyrion in front of their forever disapproving father! Daenerys buying thousands and thousands of slaves! Lord Twat Beard!

If you didn’t like “Walk of Punishment,” you don’t like awesome things. Now onto the GIF recap.

History, my friends: this is the first known instance of laughter outside of King’s Landing. (Via)

Not much time has been spent on establishing who the Tullys are (yet). But this five-minute scene told you everything you need to know about the differences between the well meaning, yet clumsy Edmure and hardened, gruff Brynden the Blackfish. Also, the Tullys have the best armor on the show. (Via)

Gus Johnson Narrates Game of Thrones: “The council gathers around Tywin and…what’s Cersei doing?


What a risky decision that paid off handsomely. She lays slayers and moves chairs with flair. Wait. He wouldn’t. Do, do my eyes deceive me? YES, TYRION, THE IMP IN PIMP, DON’T CALL HIM A DWARF ‘CAUSE HE’S BIGGER THAN YOU WHERE IT COUNTS, IS MOVING HIS CHAIR, TOO. IN THE GAME OF CHAIRS, YOU WIN OR YOU DIE OR YOU SIT DOWN COMFORTABLY IN A BETTER SPOT.”

Tyrion’s the best. (Via)

Your Attractive Women of Game of Thrones Power Rankings goes thusly: 1) Daenerys, 2) Cersei (I love a good self-satisfied smirk), 3) That girl who did that thing for Podrick, 4) Missandei, 5) Talisa.

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