‘Harry’s Law’ Just Got Sexy

07.11.11 6 years ago 10 Comments

Any television show starring Kathy Bates as someone named “Harry” endangers the viewing audience with the threat of never again being sexually aroused, so it’s important that such a show have the sexiest supporting actors possible. Therefore, it’s heartening to see that Broadway star Karen Olivo has been added to the cast of “Harry’s Law” as a series regular for the second season.

This fall, Kathy Bates’ curmudgeonly defense attorney Harry Korn will start landing larger cases as her reputation rises. One of those clients will be played by Alfred Molina, who will appear in a three-episode arc at the start of the season as a murder suspect. Harry will also get some help, hiring a new hotshot lawyer played by Olivo. [EW]

I’m glad that Olivo will finally be on television, where I can stalk her more easily. Not only was it super-expensive to go see her in West Side Story and In The Heights, I also had to deal with those theater ushers being total pants nazis. It’s like, relax, pal — I’ll put them back on before intermission. I thought this was America, where it’s legal to be turned on by watching a Puerto Rican get stabbed.

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