Here’s A Fun Supercut Of All The Times Brett’s Been Shot On ‘Archer’

Editorial Director
07.09.14 10 Comments

Office lackey and bullet attractor, Brett Bunsen, has been shot a total of nine times on Archer, with SPOILER ALERT the last bullet finally resulting in his death (although I fully anticipate cyborg Brett roaming the ISIS halls, taking bullets at a faster clip than ever in Season 6).

Right after the character’s final scene this past season we brought you video of Art Director Neal Holman (the voice of Brett) recording for the last time in the voice booth, complete with H. Jon Benjamin taunting, but up until now a “Brett gets shot” supercut has sorely been missing from the internet. Well folks, today is our lucky day. I encourage all our Archer fans to watch immediately and pour a little out at the end for a man who died doing what he loved.

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