Here's Your Chance To Ask Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, And Joel McHale About That Foursome Idea

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08.22.12 7 Comments

If I were to speculate which show’s cast you all would most like to spend a long, sultry day with, the clear-cut winner would be Community. (Also in the running: Parks and Recreation, Happy Endings, and Game of Thrones. Maybe Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, too, provided that you could literally get away with murder.) Well, here’s your chance to ask Alison Brie all the questions you’ve only anonymously written to millions on the Internet: the Academy of Television Arts And Sciences Foundation is hosting an auction in which you can bid on a hat signed by Dallas‘ Larry Hagman, tickets to the Emmys and HBO’s after-party, and, yes, a visit to the Community set.

It’ll cost you, but likely less than the amount you’d have to pay to settle that whole “stalking Gillian Jacobs and/or Joel McHale” misunderstanding. Plus, all the money goes to charity, so you can feel like you’ve done something good while laughing at Chevy Chase fart jokes and a monkey with Boobs in its name.

The current bid is:

Not only do you get the visit, but also “a script from the new season, signed on the cover by the full Community cast. Also included will be various Community products such as mugs, tees, and bobble-heads.” MUGS?!? COUNT ME IN. Could everyone reading this throw in a buck, and we could all hang out on set for a few seconds before its the next person’s turn? A few seconds is all we’re gonna need.

Here a few items in the auction that will likely cost a lot less than a Community bid:

“Vanessa Williams signed memoir Ugly Betty Desperate Housewives”
“My Cat From Hell Jackson Galaxy Private Cat Consultation”
“Lunch with Leverage star Aldis Hodge at Tiato in Santa Monica”
“Falling Skies merchandise cast signed poster Noah Wylie”

You know it’s good when the auction spells the actor’s name wrong.


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