‘I Hate My Teenage Daughter’

01.13.11 7 years ago 15 Comments

Fox has ordered a pilot for a sitcom called “I Hate My Teenage Daughter” from the creators of “The New Adventures of Old Christine.” Despite the banner image, Miley Cyrus has nothing to do with it. She just seemed like a teenage daughter worth hating.

The story is about two women who were tormented by mean girls when they were younger, and are now appalled to realize their daughters are turning into the same type of girls they never liked. [Inside TV]

So the two women realize they’ve been crappy mothers, I guess. Anyway, I could see this working because teenage girls are pretty easy to hate. Same with teenage boys. Teenagers in general just suck. Ninety percent of them should be shipped off to forced labor camps until their 21st birthday. Man, am I gonna be a great father or what?

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