Jackee Is Looking Well.

01.11.11 6 years ago • 15 Comments

Jackée Harry and Regina King used to be on “227” together. Now King stars on “Southland,” while Jackée apparently gets along by catching goats, wild boars, and/or baby deer, unhinging her jaw, and then swallowing them whole. Seriously, her head looks like a casing for another head. It’s big enough to be the exploding mask Arnold Schwarzenegger wears in Total Recall.

On Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” — which is apparently some kind of talk show in which the guests drink and talk about “Real Housewives” (*shudder*) — Jackée got roaring drunk and made the mutated-Betty Boop noises that made her famous in the ’80s. The compilation of highlights from Best Week Ever is a must-watch:

By the way, if you only listen to the video without watching it, most of it sounds like Jackée’s trying to take a dump.

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