Jimmy Kimmel Has Some Very Clear Reasons To Doubt John Oliver’s Emmy Respect

By: 09.20.16

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Despite hosting an otherwise solid Emmy Awards ceremony, comedian Jimmy Kimmel didn’t win the trophy for Outstanding Variety Talk Series. That distinction went to HBO’s Last Week Tonight, a point Kimmel’s longtime nemesis Matt Damon publicly shamed the master of ceremonies for during Sunday’s telecast. But being snubbed once again (Jimmy Kimmel Live! has been nominated every year since 2007, winning for costumes, music and editing only) didn’t stop him from inviting Emmy-winner John Oliver onto the program to revel in his competitor’s victory. Even though, as the above gag reveals, Oliver wasn’t being all that sincere about his victory.

“I’m just so happy to be nominated with so many other great shows,” Oliver told Kimmel’s audience. “That’s the honor.”

Kimmel, however, didn’t believe his guest — mainly because he was reading his kind words off of a series of cue cards provided by the Jimmy Kimmel Live! crew.

“I don’t think you really mean that. I feel like you don’t,” said Kimmel. “Because you’re reading it from cue cards.”

Continuing the joke, Oliver offered to cover his eyes and keep praising Kimmel’s show, though additional words of congratulations were written on his palm. When Kimmel called him out again, Oliver suggested it was actually a “permanent tattoo.”

Silly? Yeah, sure. Groundbreaking comedy television? No. But hey, at least Oliver and Kimmel have laid the groundwork for yet another fake celebrity feud. Of course this begs the question… who will Kimmel and Oliver make music videos about sleeping with to get the ball rolling?

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