Matt Damon Made Jimmy Kimmel’s Emmy Loss Worse For Him (And Much Better For Us)

John Oliver demolished and eviscerated the competition for Best Variety Talk Series at the 2016 Emmys on Sunday night, as HBO’s Last Week Tonight became the first show not named The Daily Show or The Colbert Report to win in this category since 2002. One of the losers in this category, however, was the Emmy host Jimmy Kimmel, for his ABC late night series, and of course he made light of his loss when he took the stage moments after Oliver’s charming acceptance speech.

Making a surprise appearance to rub Kimmel’s face in the loss was his longtime nemesis Matt Damon. Okay, maybe it isn’t much of a surprise given their tumultuous history, but if you haven’t been following along with their antics over the years, there’s a slight chance you were wondering why Jason Bourne was being such a jerk to Kimmel. For those of us who have been enjoying the gag for however many years now, it was probably the only way that Kimmel could have made fun of himself for losing, because nobody gives him hell better than Damon.

And if you’re a betting man, it’s safe to assume that the fun isn’t over. Will Damon wind up on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday to continue the humiliation? We sure hope so.