Jonah Hill Needs To Shut Up According To Jonah Hill On Letterman

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11.21.13 11 Comments

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Jonah Hill visited Letterman to talk about The Wolf of Wall Street and win back some credibility lost from Allen Gregory and The Watch. In this clip, Hill gives us a look inside the creative process for Martin Scorsese, a chief influence for him and many others, and explains how he manage to f*ck that process up by running his mouth.

It was always very quiet so [Scorsese] could focus. And about five months in, I guess I just got too comfortable. And I had no idea what I was thinking, but I just started chatting away with one of the producers…and then all of the sudden my phone buzzes and I look at my phone and  it’s from his assistant Ashley and he goes, “you need to stop talking.”

So we learn a few things here. First that Jonah Hill is a chatty Cathy everywhere he goes, much like I suspected from seeing him in the funny pictures. Second, that Martin Scorsese won’t acknowledge you if he has trouble, he just has his assistant text you.

And I thought my roommate who left a strongly worded note about washing dishes was passive aggressive. Could be worse of course. David O. Russell might’ve cold cocked him.

Hill’s reaction is priceless though. I think I would’ve just lied in traffic if I was passively scolded by my life hero. At least he had the decency to go freak out in private.


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