Just the Badass Parts: ‘Walking Dead’ S2E1

10.17.11 6 years ago 18 Comments

There’s a reason that I stay faithful to “The Walking Dead” even when others have complaints about its characters or plot: it’s the only thing like it on television. Sure, “True Blood” has the gore, but it’s little more than a campy soap opera. “Breaking Bad” builds greater tension, but its payoffs are fewer. “The Walking Dead” is not just the only horror show on TV, it’s a very good one. And yeah, I can quibble about plot and character with the other eggheads if I want to, but within its genre, “The Walking Dead” is a scary, tense, and eye-gougingly gruesome television show. In a word, it’s badass.

So let’s get to these badass parts. I can’t possibly list every “zombie gets/hatcheted/stabbed/bludgeoned in the head with a rock,” but these are the moments that stuck out at me. (Spoilers follow, obviously.)

  • Humans lying under corpses to hide from zombies.
  • Screwdriver ex machina.
  • Zombie autopsy: “We cut the sumbitch open.”
  • Unlike anything having to do with Steven Spielberg, the children in “The Walking Dead” make catastrophic mistakes that can lead to their serious injury and possible death. I love that. I can’t stand Carl’s stupid face.

GUTSHOT! Dude, that’s like, bigtime negative points in Big Buck Hunter.

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